Poster Prizes

IUCr Journals Poster Prizes

The IUCr Executive Committee is pleased to continue the series of IUCr Journals awards to be presented at meetings of the Regional Associates.

A prize will be awarded to the best poster from a graduate or undergraduate student in each of the following three categories:

  • Structural biology
  • Structural chemistry and
  • Applied crystallography

and will consist of an IUCr Journals open-access voucher, a copy of A Little Dictionary of Crystallography and a certificate.

STOE Poster Prize

The Poster Prize will be awarded to a student presenting work on functional materials in the ECM32 programme and is sponsored by STOE GmbH.

The Jury consists of the representatives for Crystallography of Functional Materials Manuel Hinterstein, Jerome Rouquette and Claire Colin.

Boehringer Ingelheim Poster Prize

Boehringer Ingelheim is an official sponsor of this year´s Poster Prize Awards.

Nanomegas Poster Prizes

Nanomegas sponsors two poster prices to young scientists in the field of electron crystallography.

Austrian Academy of Sciences Poster Prizes

The Austrian Academy of Sciences generously supports the ECM32 with two poster prices.

PDBe Poster Prizes

The PDBe is official sponsor of two poster prizes for young scientists in structural biology.

Judith Flippen-Anderson Journal on Structural Dynamics Poster Prize

sponsored by the ACA. The prize is given for excellence in research on structural determination and dynamics of systems, enabled by the emerging new instruments (e.g. XFELs, electron sources, etc.) and new experimental and theoretical methodologies and is open to students (graduate and undergraduate) and post-docs.

VBCF poster price

The Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities generously support young scientist in the field of structure biology with a poster price.

Prof. Philip Coppens ECA SIG2 Quantum Crystallography Poster Award

SIG2 Chair’s Statement
Philip Coppens

Prof. Philip Coppens SIG2 Quantum Crystallography Poster Award STATUTES

  • Prof. Philip Coppens ECA SIG2 Quantum Crystallography Poster Award sponsored kindly by Rigaku is awarded at each European Crystallographic Meeting to commemorate the late Professor Phillip Coppens great crystallographer from SUNY Buffalo (USA), one of the fathers of modern crystallography and a very good friend and colleague of many of us.
  • Prof. Philip Coppens SIG2 Quantum Crystallography Poster Award is given for outstanding accomplishments presented in the form of a poster during given ECA meeting in the field of broadly understood quantum crystallography - in line with the scope of the ECA SIG2.
  • The Laureate receives a diploma prepared by SIG2 and 200Euro from the sponsor.
  • The Laureate is selected by SIG2 Quantum Crystallography Poster Award Selection Committee consisting of two members and chairperson. The chairperson and one member of the Selection Committee are nominated by the SIG2 officers (the chair, vice-chair and secretary of the SIG2) from the leading members of our scientific community and one member is nominated by the sponsor i.e. Rigaku company.
  • The Prof. Philip Coppens ECA SIG2 Quantum Crystallography Poster Award is handed in to the selected Laurate by a representative of the SIG2 officers, the chair of the Poster Award Selection  Committee and one representative of the sponsor during the closing ceremony of a given ECA meeting.