The University of Vienna will host the ECM32 in the historic main building on the famous ring boulevard ("Ringstrasse").

The arcaded courtyard will play an important role as the central area for exhibition, the poster sessions, and all cof fee and lunch breaks. 

Building Floor Plans

Most of the in total 11 lecture halls will be on the ground level and first floor in addition to a few in the basement, where there is also the Audimax as well as six meeting rooms reserved for the SIG/GIG meetings . The exhibition space is allocated to the arcaded courtyard on the ground floor (= level of the main entrance) in the central part of the building , just behind t he Aula at the entrance area of the building . 


Lecture halls (= Hörsaal, ocher color in the floor plans) for all microsymposia are: HS01 and the BIG HS (in the basement ): HS07, HS16, HS21, and the Marietta Blau room (on the ground level); HS27, HS31, HS32, HS33 and the Erika Weinzierl room (on the first floor).

In addition, six seminar rooms (SR01 to SR06, in pink) are considered for the SIG/GIG meetings. The opening and closing ceremonies as well as the plenary talks will be held in the Audimax (orange). Together with the associated anterooms, the Kleine Festsaal (green) on the first floor is supposed to be used for the commercial workshops (luncheons) and the Kaffeehaus area.