Fixed target serial crystallgraphy

Organizers: Arwen Pearson, Jennifer Wierman, Pedram Mehrabi, Eike C. Schulz
                     (Universität Hamburg and Hamburg Center for Ultrafast Imaging CUI, Germany)
Date: 17th August 2019 (1 day)
Time: 10 a.m.
6 p.m.
Fee: 50 €

Serial approaches in crystallography are becoming increasingly prevalent as the improvement in data collection techniques are reducing the constraints for systems amenable to these approaches. Fixed-target approaches have a number of advantages, such as low sample consumption and enabling new methods for time-resolved experiments. This provides novel approaches for structure solution and observing protein dynamics with systems that are otherwise not approachable to classical or other serial approaches.

Workshop goals: The primary goal of the workshop is to discuss and define a set of standard parameters within which individual groups and beamlines can develop the tools and software to make fixed-target methods, including time-resolved approaches, a reliable and routine method for user operation. The participants will learn about the different fixed-target approaches that are currently available, as well as important considerations to make about the workflow to make best use of your fixed-target experiments.

The following areas will be covered primarily in talks and informal round table discussion:
Introduction to fixed targets
Making fixed-target methods reliable for routine user operation
Implementation at different facilities
SSX applications beyond TRX?
Fixed target parameters / dimensions / materials
Translation stage systems and integration of control software into beamline software
Fixed-target mounting solutions (e.g. magnetic mounts, robots, etc.)
Fixed-target storage and shipment options
Auto Processing/Workflows and Pipelines

Timetable: coming soon


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