KN02 - New Experimental Techniques for Exploring Crystallization Pathways and Structural Properties of Solids


Kenneth Harris (Cardiff University, United Kingdom)

The lecture will highlight two experimental strategies that we are developing, specifically: (i) in-situ solid-state NMR techniques for monitoring the time-evolution of crystallization processes, and (ii) X-ray Birefringence Imaging, a new technique that allows the distribution of molecular orientations in anisotropic materials to be mapped in a spatially resolved manner.

Our in-situ solid-state NMR techniques for studying crystallization pathways exploit the ability of NMR to selectively detect the solid phase in heterogeneous solid/liquid systems of the type that exist during crystallization from solution. This strategy allows the sequence of solid phases formed during crystallization to be established, including the discovery of new transient polymorphs. A recent development is an in-situ NMR strategy (called "CLASSIC NMR") that yields simultaneous information on the time-evolution of both the solid phase and the liquid phase during crystallization. This strategy extends the scope and capability of in-situ NMR for gaining insights into the evolution of crystallization processes.