MS05: Proteins in Signalling

  • Thomas Leonard (Max Perutz Labs, Austria)
  • Anastassis Perrakis (National Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Date:     Monday, 19. August 2019
  • Time:    10:00 - 12:00
  • Venue:  HS32

From membrane receptors (e.g. GPCRs)  to soluble signal transductors.

10:00 MS05-01 Protein Conformational and Oligomeric Rearrangements Control Intercellular Signaling
Bert Janssen (University of Utrecht, Netherlands) | Abstract preview
10:30 MS05-02 Structural Insights into Signal Processing to Chromatin
Daniel Panne (University of Leicester, United Kingdom) | Abstract preview
11:00 MS05-03 Transport of Enantiomeric Neurotransmitters by SLC1A Family of Proteins
Albert Guskov (University of Groningen, Netherlands) | Abstract preview
11:20 MS05-04 Structural Basis for CD96 Immune Receptor Recognition of Nectin-like Protein-5, CD155
Gabrielle Watson (Monash University, Australia) | Abstract preview
11:40 MS05-05 Analysis of Cytomegalovirus Immune Evasion Protein UL144 Glycosylation Profile Revealed its Role in Immune Recognition
Ivana Nemcovicová (Biomedical Research Center SAV, Slovakia) | Abstract preview