MS30: Chirality and Polarity in Crystals

  • Dario Braga (University of Bologna, Italy)
  • Tim Gruene  (University of Vienna, Austria)
  • Date:     Tuesday, 20. August 2019
  • Time:    10:00 - 12:00
  • Venue:  Audimax

Chirality at molecular and crystalline level is of great importance for the properties of new materials in a broad range of applications. MS30 invites presentations about (crystal engineering) approaches to making chiral crystals and/or (novel) experimental methods to investigate chirality in crystals.

10:00 MS30-01 Solid-State Chiral Resolution via Metal Complexation
Fabrizia Grepioni (University of Bologna, Italy) | Abstract preview
10:30 MS30-02

Electron Crystallography for Determining the Handedness of Chiral Crystals
Peter Oleynikov (ShanghaiTech University, China) | Abstract preview

11:00 MS30-03 Absolute Configuration of Pharmaceutical Molecules Determined from a Nanocrystal by Electron Diffraction
Petr Brazda (Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) | Abstract preview
11:20 MS30-04 Optical Resolution of 2- and 4-Chloromandelic Acids with Cyclohexylethylamine Resolving Agent–Crystal Structures of the Diastereomers and the Double Salt
Laura Bereczki (Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungary) | Abstract preview
11:40 MS30-05 Highly Versatile Metal-Organic Frameworks
Linda Shimon (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) | Abstract preview