The ECM32 Organizing Committee regrets that it cannot provide travel or conference grants for the Congress and that you are personally responsible for all aspects of your booking, including payment. Please note that the registration fee does not include travel, accommodation, excursions, or special events.

However, note that the ECA and IUCr offer options to obtain finacial support as described below:

Bursary applications

Bursary Applications for the “IUCr Young Scientists Awards”

Due to the IUCr sponsorship of ECM32, we can offer a limited number of bursaries for graduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral fellows who are below 35 years old, to support them to attend the ECM32 (travel and accommodation costs). No registration fees can be covered by these funds. The decision for the award is undertaken by a bursary committee.

Application documents:

1.    Motivation letter for the bursary application including a short description of the
       current research project(s) (max. one A4 page).
2.    CV with your name, address of your affiliation, contact details, date of birth,
       citizenship, educational background, employment history and current position.
3.    Publication list of the applicant.
4.    Letter of recommendation of the supervisor or head of department/group of the applicant.
5.    Document to confirm the student, PhD or Post-Doc status of the applicant (i.e. matriculation of the university, etc.).


♦    The submission of an abstract for the ECM32 is mandatory!
♦    Incomplete or late applications will not be considered by the bursary committee!

Deadline for bursary application:

Deadline for the application will be 17th of March 2019 (former deadline was 10th of March 2019). Applications should be sent well in advance of the deadline to

Notification of approved applications: 7th of April 2019

Rules for registration:

The award can only be granted with a valid registration for the ECM32. Therefore, we kindly ask you to register online for the conference until 15th of April 2019.


♦    Registrations made before 7th of April 2019 and paid for will not be refunded
      in case your bursary application is not approved by the bursary committee.
♦    Travel and accommodation has to be organized on your own. You can find information
      on accommodation possibilities in Vienna here.
♦    Your participation to the meeting is mandatory and will be checked to get the bursary.
      Hence, you should identify yourself as a bursary holder when arriving at the registration desk
      for further directions. Please, bring your identity card with you.

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Bursary sponsored by IUCr

ECM32 bursary committee:

Wulf Depmeier (IUCr executive committee)
Jan Dohnalek (ECA executive committee)
Kristina Djinovic-Carugo (ECM32 organizer)
Klaudia Hradil (ECM 32 organizer)
Ronald Miletich- Pawliczek (ECM32 organizer)
Berthold Stöger (Chair of Bursary committee, ECM32 organisation committee member)
Santiago Garcia-Granda (ECM31)
Filip Topic, Philipp Hans (GIG-01 Young Crystallographers)
Carlo Mealli (GIG-02 Senior Crystallographers)
Marjolein Thunnissen (SIG-01 Macromolecular Crystallography)
Simon Grabowsky (SIG-02 Charge, Spin and Momentum Density)
John B. Claridge (SIG-03 Aperiodic Crystals)
Stephanie Kodjikian (SIG-04 Electron Crystallography)
Frédéric Hatert (SIG-05 Mineral and Inorganic Crystallography), not confirmed
Ulrich Pietsch (SIG-06 Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques)
Catherine Esterhuysen (SIG-07 Molecular Interaction and Recognition)
Antonia Neels (SIG-08 Powder Diffraction)
Thomas White (SIG-09 Crystallographic Computing)
Karen Friese (SIG-11 Crystallography under Extreme Conditions)
Manuel Hinterstein, Jerome Rouquette, Claire Colin (SIG-12 Crystallography of Functional Materials)
Teresa Duarte (SIG-13 Molecular Structure and Chemical Properties)
Anders Madsen (SIG-14 Dynamics, Disorder, Diffuse scattering)
Karl Gruber (local representative focal area 1)
Anton Meinhart (local representative focal area 2)
Helga Lichtenegger, Günther Redhammer (local representativs focal area 3)
Michael Reithofer, Matthias Weil (local representativs focal area 4)
Oskar Paris (local representative focal area 5)

ECA Individual Travel Grant for students participating in ECM meetings

The European Crystallographic Association will distribute travel grants among the particpating students, to encourage the participation of a large diversity of young researchers. The deadline for application is 1st of June of the year of the corresponding European Crystallographic Meeting (ECM).


The students who apply should satisfy the following criteria:

1. The student should be under 35.
2. The student should belong to the ECA “region”. The list of eligible countries can be found here.
3. The student should be an individual member of the ECA. How to become an individual member is stated on the webpage.
4. The student should be registered in the IUCr World Directory of Crystallographers. It can be found here.
5. The student should be the presenting author of an accepted abstract.


The application form can be downloaded here. This file should be submitted in electronic form (word document) to before the deadline of 1st June of the year of the ECM applied for.


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Bursary sponsored by ECA

ECM32 bursary committee (coming soon …)

The ECA Scolarship Fund

The ECA is aware of the general economic climate and that this might be presenting hardship to crystallographic colleagues at all stages of their careers causing difficulty to attend an ECM. Thus we launch this call for donations from those that can help other colleagues to attend the ECMs by contributing to their costs.

Please contact the ECA Treasurer ( to submit your donations (or use the donate button at the ECA site); typical donations might be approximately 100 Euros.

Applications for support from this Fund will be considered once per year, deadline 31st March of that year of the ECM. A one page statement of need and a one page summary CV should be sent to the ECA Secretary (


♦    Awards will not be for more than 50% of the estimated total costs of economy travel, economy
     accommodation and ECM registration fee. Receipts for expenses will be required.
♦    Not more than one award will be made to a person in a ten year period.
♦    Persons under the age of 35 years are to apply to the ECM Bursary Fund, not this Scholarship Fund.
♦    For any one ECM there should not be more than one application per Laboratory.
♦    An ECA Scholarship Fund awardee must have been an ECA Individual Member for at least 3 years
      at the date of the ECM for which the scholarship is requested, and be registered in the IUCr World
      Directory of Crystallographers at the date of application.
♦    A Sub-Committee of the ECA Executive Committee will decide the selection of the Awardees.
♦    Reimbursement payments will be made to the awardees by the ECA Treasurer at the ECM i.e. upon
      attendance of the awardee at the relevant ECM. Exceptions to this can be considered on appeal
      to the ECA Secretary i.e. to request an advance payment.


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Bursary sponsored by ECA

ECM32 bursary committee (coming soon …)