Prices for Exhibition Space

ECM32 offers three variants for the reservation of space (space-only, booth-only, standard both), each in the designated sizes of 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 m2 at the given availabilities.

size 6m2 9m2 12m2 18m2 24m2
availability 32 x * max 4 x max 6 x max 2 x max 2 x
space-only EUR 2.500 EUR 3.550 EUR 5.000 EUR 7.000 EUR 9.500
standard booth EUR 3.500 EUR 5.200 EUR 7.000 EUR 10.500 EUR 14.000
*the booths with the numbers 01, 02, 03, 25, 26, 27, and 28 are only available as single 6 m2 booths; others can be combined to multiples of 6 m2 as indicated on the map.



A discount of -10% applies to early-bird registration (for the deadline click here).
According to art. 18 §2 UG2002 the prices stated above are not subject to VAT and no tax will be charged.

The equipment included is as specified here. A list of specifcially requested individual items can be obtained upon request.

The preferred choice for the exhibition/booth space is based on the "first-come first-served" principle. The date of confirmation of the binding order is valid for this. However, there is an overriding priority of choice for exhibitors selecting a higher-rank premium package in the sequence as stated here).

In addition, ECM32 offers commercial posters being displayed during the regular poster sessions. They can be ordered at a price of EUR 300 (at the same discount conditions applying for early-bird registration and discounts given by booking a premium package).