MS25: Electron Crystallography as a Tool for Structure Solution and Refinement

  • Xiaodong Zou (Stockholm University, Sweden)  
  • Tatiana Gorelik (University of Ulm, Germany)
  • Date:     Monday, 19. August 2019
  • Time:    14:00 - 16:00
  • Venue:  HS32

The rapid developments of new electron crystallographic methods have made large impacts in structure determination of various types of nano- and micro- sized crystals, from inorganic and organic compounds to proteins. In this microsymposium we invite contributions using any electron technique (diffraction, imaging) for the determination and refinement of crystal structures as well as new method developments.

14:00 MS25-01 Structure Determination of Nano-Precipitates in Metallic Alloys using Electron Crystallography Methods
Louisa Meshi (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) | Abstract preview
14:30 MS25-02 Electron Crystallography is a Powerful and Feasible Extension to every X-Ray Facility
Tim Gruene (University of Vienna, Austria) | Abstract preview
15:00 MS25-03 How Can We Directly See the Molecule Array in 3D Protein Crystal under TEM?
Tsumoru Shintake (OIST Graduate University, Japan) | Abstract preview
15:20 MS25-04 Serial Protein Crystallography in a S/TEM
Robert Bücker (Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Germany) | Abstract preview
15:40 MS25-05 Using ARCIMBOLDO's Fragment-Based MR for Solving microED Data from Macromolecular Structures
Claudia Lucía Millán Nebot (Institut de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona, Spain) | Abstract preview