MS26-04 - Theoretical Study of Single-Element Quasi-Periodic Thin Films Formed on Ag-In-Yb Quasicrystal

Kazuki Nozawa (Kagoshima University, Japan) 

Developments in the preparation and understanding of the of surfaces of Quasicrystals (QCs) enable us to use QCs as a template of the epitaxial growth of the quasi-periodic thin films, and we recently reported the first successful fabrication of three-dimensional quasi-periodic Pb thin film using the Ag-In-Yb QC as a template [1].

It was confirmed that Pb film grown on the QC template forms a three-dimensional quasi-periodic structure.  But, more surprisingly, the accumulated Pb occupy the absent rhombic triacontahedral sites, which is a structural building unit of the substrate QC, created by the crystal truncation of the substrate QC at the surface.  Recent theoretical advances in the structure of the quasi-periodic thin film of Bi [2], Sb and Ag [3] obtained using the first-principles calculations based on the density functional theory will be discussed.

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