MS39: Time-Resolved Diffraction and Scattering Techniques

  • Semen Gorfman (Tel Aviv University, Israel) 
  • Michael Wulff (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France)
  • Date:     Thursday, 22. August 2019
  • Time:     14:00 - 16:00
  • Venue:   Kleiner Festsaal

Investigation of dynamics of structure evolution is current apect of X-Ray crystallography using modern sources of X-Ray Radiation.

14:00 MS39-01 Ultrafast Dynamics of Chemistry in Solution Studied by Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffuse Scattering at LCLS
Tim van Driel (LCLS / SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, United States of America) | Abstract preview
14:30 MS39-02 Application of Ultrafast Strain Fields for X-Ray Pulse Shortening and Pulse Picking
Mathias Sander (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland) | Abstract preview
15:00 MS39-03 Time-Resolved Structure Analysis of Piezoelectric Crystals Resonantly Vibrating Under Alternating Electric Field
Shinobu Aoyagi (Nagoya City University, Japan) | Abstract preview
15:20 MS39-04 Liquid-Metal-Jet X-Ray Source for Time-Resolved Saxs Studies in the Home Laboratory
Julius Hållstedt (Excillum AB, Sweden) | Abstract preview
15:40 MS39-05 At the Intersection of Crystallography and Spectroscopy - Studies of Selected Photoactive Coinage Metal Complexes
Katarzyna Jarzembska (University of Warsaw, Poland) | Abstract preview