MS44: Solving Structures through Combination of Reciprocal and Direct Space Methods

  • Amin Sadeghpour (Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technologies, Switzerland)
  • Ute Kolb (University of Mainz, Germany)
  • Date:     Monday 19. August 2019
  • Time:    14:00 - 16:00
  • Venue:  HS33

Structural information on materials can be obtained in reciprocal space by diffraction and also in direct space for example by microscopy methods. Since these methods probe different aspects of the same structure they are highly complementary and their combination can be extremely profitable. In this MS we call for contributions that use different methods in different spaces in order to solve structures that could not be solved by a single method.

14:00 MS44-01 Crystal Structure of New and Highly Complex Organic Molecules Solved by 3D Electron Diffraction
Mauro Gemmi (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy) | Abstract preview
14:30 MS44-02 Prospects and Progress Towards Collecting and Phasing of Single Molecule Electron Diffraction Data
Tatiana Latychevskaia (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland) | Abstract preview
15:00 MS44-03 The Need for Correlation Coefficients in the Modeling of Stacking Faulted Crystal Structures
Alan David Rae (The Australian National University, Australia) | Abstract preview
15:20 MS44-04 Structure Study of a Disordered Zeolite by cRED and HRTEM
Jingjing Zhao (Stockholm University, Sweden) | Abstract preview
15:40 MS44-05 Direct and Fourier Space Traveling: Multi-Dimensional Mapping of Lattice Strain and Tilt of a Suspended Silicon Nanowire in a Monolithic System
Simone Dolabella (Empa-Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Sciences and Technologies, Switzerland) | Abstract preview