Guided tour at

Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria), Marie Curie-Straße 5, 2700 Wiener Neustadt

Date: Monday, 19.8. 2019; 3 p.m. (bus leaves at 2 p.m. next to the University building)
Capacity: max. 45 persons (3 groups á 15 persons)
Costs: € 20,--/person

MedAustron is one of the most advanced centres for ion beam therapy and research in Europe situated in Wiener Neustadt 40 km away from Vienna. The radiation therapies applied will use protons and carbon ions. In the full operational phase, 1400 people are expected to benefit from the international first class medicine offered by MedAustron. This exciting new project will give many cancer patients a new opportunity for effective treatment using ion beam therapy. MedAustron regards itself as an interdisciplinary and nationwide Austrian centre. It will specialise in cancer treatment with ions, the research and development of this new therapy and non-clinical research with ion and proton radiation. Approximately 200 million € are being invested in cutting-edge research. As well as the medical and scientific benefits, MedAustron also provides an important economic boost for the Lower Austria region, continuing to make it an interesting business and research location. Thanks to MedAustron many job opportunities for highly qualified personnel will be created in Wiener Neustadt. These future employees will have an important task: to prolong and save lives.